Daniel Palestrant, CEO Sermo

Sermo has very quickly become the big Kahuna in the physician social network space. So big in fact that its rivals trumpet how different they are from it in their models and approach. Yet it was only two years ago that Sermo was still putting a little votive candle in a net for every doctor who signed up—and the major problem it was facing was corralling the packs of dogs charging around its office in a basement in Cambridge, MA. A lot has happened in under two years, but I understand animal control is still a major function! So we thought that having Daniel Palestrant tell us where Sermo is now would be a great way to kick off day two at Health 2.0 and to talk about the new deal with Bloomberg. (The net broke at around 12,000 candles I believe, and no dogs were mentioned in the making of this video, sadly!)

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