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Catching Up with Fall 2010 Online Developer Challenge Winners

It’s been an exciting week at Health 2.0! On December 15th, we announced three live code-a-thons and five new online Developer Challenges! We thought this would be a great time to catch up with the winners of past online challenges to see where they are now in regards to their challenge. We’ve reached out to the team leader of each winning team of the Fall 2010 round of challenges and here is what they have to say:

Challenge: Practice Fusion-RTPDDC

Team Critical Systems won this challenge by creating a scale that synchronized with an app linking Microsoft HealthVault and Patient Fusion. Here is what their team leader, Pete Gordon, had to say:

“We are working through the wireless communications for another project and are looking to apply that technology and knowledge to an Escali scale hopefully just after the first of the year. Would like to bring a CritSys wireless Internet enabled Escali scale to market in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2011 for consumer use, and receive FDA approval for the Medical/HealthCare market shortly after, towards the end of next year. For more information, people can follow our blog, or follow us on twitter.”

Challenge: County Health Rankings

Gleb Popov and his team, Acsys Health, created a mobile application utilizing GPS and the home inventory database on Zillow.com that allows users to identify county health rankings for specific real estate properties. Here is what Gleb and his team have been up to:“We’re working on the next release of the application, which will provide an easier access to more health rankings data along with other useful information while providing user with real estate listings data. Also, we’re trying to incorporate the health rankings data into our other products, such hospital physician finder, and other health applications.”

Challenge: Blue Button

To win this challenge, Mike Jackson and team Adobe developed an application that allows patients online access their health care information. Here is what Mike had to say about the group’s progress since winning the challenge:

“Since winning the Blue Button Developers’ Challenge for the Department of Veterans Affairs, we have been working hard at Adobe to address the momentum generated at the Health 2.0 conference, and evangelize the significance of patient-centric health care. It was especially rewarding to participate in this challenge where Adobe technologies demonstrated the potential for an immediate impact on user experience in this real-world scenario. To that effort, we are actively collaborating with multiple government agencies, private health care insurers, provider groups, and other stakeholders who seek to open health care throughout their traditional enterprise environments and beyond, while maintaining data security and interoperability. Above all, Team Adobe is appreciative of the opportunity to contribute directly to this dynamic evolution.”

Challenge: West Wireless Health Institute

By creating ResCat, team Videntity created a social network application that allows users to easily track and share their health stats. Here is what Alan Viars and his team have been working on since the challenge:

“We used the technology in the challenge to run two separate wellness games for WVU in early 2011. The first game, Body4Break is a fitness and body composition competition over a seven week period where people can win prizes, such as a whitewater rafting trip. The other game, called TweatWell, is focused on keeping a micro-journal of food consumption. Players will be able to unlock badges for healthy behaviors. Both game pilots will launch in January and will be limited to students with a wvu.edu email account.

“We are also planning to seek FDA approval for our client-server software for weight and blood pressure measurements.”

Challenge: MoveYourApp!

Team Happy Feet won the MoveYourApp! challenge by creating a mobile application that tracks the user’s walking or running patterns and allows them to share that data with friends and earn badges. Here is what team leader, Anthony Lai had to say about the success of their app:

“We have brushed up the app during Thanksgiving and now it is up in Android market and is free for everyone. We have revamped our website and integrated our app more tightly with Facebook. Users can now share their achievements through Facebook, and also invite their friends to use the app and become more healthy together. We strive to keep on improving our app to make it as easy and cool for users.”

Congrats to all winning teams! We look forward to seeing what you do in the future!

If you missed out on a chance to participate last fall, there are plenty of ongoing online challenges, including four band new challenges just announced today. Also, check out our upcoming live Code-a-thons happening all across the country!

New to Health 2.0’s Developer Challenges? Learn more about them here.

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