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Tools for Care Management

The United States spends 2.2 trillion dollars on health care every year and 75% goes to chronic conditions. During this breakout session, which was moderated by Jane Sarasohn-Kahn from Think-Health, at the Health 2.0 Fall Conference in San Francisco, October 7-8, 2010, the panelist talk about using money wisely in health care and present some solutions for bending the cost curve in health care for chronic diseases like asthma, depression, cancer, diabetes, and medication management.

The panelist included Chris Logan, CEO, SweetSpot Diabetes Care, Gena Cook, CEO, Navigating Cancer, Laurent Coussirat, CEO and Founder, Mood Institute, Dan Bernstein, CEO, Medic8Manager, Doug Evans, President, Presidio Health, and Sam Pejham, CEO, Asthma MD

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