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- Cancer Commons and the Melanoma Targeted Therapy Finder just launched its free web application. Built by CollabRx, the app integrates existing data on different forms of Melanoma and ways to access recommended treatments. The Washington Times recently ran a nice feature on Marty Tenenbaum, the man behind CollabRx. Marty was an investor in Medstory and PatientsLikeMe and also one of the inspirations behind the Health 2.0 Accelerator. For the past few years he’s been turning his attention to improving clinical research. The hope is that patients will use this app to learn more about the options available and use this information to better advocate for themselves. Editor of Cancer Commons, George Lundberg, will be on the Research Panel at Health 2.0’s upcoming Spring Fling.

- Dossia, a leading non-profit personal health record platform provider, announced on January 6th the appointment of Michael Critelli as President and CEO. Mr. Critelli is the former CEO of Pitney Bowes and has been serving as Dossia’s Chairman of the Board. Though Dossia began as a solution for employers, they are expanding their personal health solutions to other healthcare stakeholders with a focus on enabling family caretakers. For more details on this partnership, check out Dossia’s recent feature in Businesswire.

- Diversinet, a Toronto-based mHealth solution marketing “connected and protected” mobile communications, has signed a five-year, $5 million agreement with Mihealth Global Systems of North Bay Ont. for exclusive distribution in Canada and nonexclusive distribution in the rest of the world excluding the United States. Diversinet will continue selling directly to the U.S. healthcare industry. Click over to The HealthCare Blog’s interview with Diversinet’s Jay Couse for more information on the company’s origins. Diversinet was also featured at last October’s Health 2.0 Conference.

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