Health 2.0 Developer Challenge Live Code-a-thons for 2011!

Health 2.0 is thrilled to be hosting the first three Developer Challenge Code-a-thons for 2011 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC and Boston. These events occur over the course of one day, bringing together developers, designers and raw data sets to build exciting new applications and tools for improving health care. Attendees quickly form teams and dive into the task of designing their own innovative tools and solutions. Winning teams will get the chance to present their application in front of a distinguished group of judges at the Health 2.0 Spring Fling in San Diego, March 21-22, 2011.

What really makes these Code-a-thons unique is that  they aren’t just about developing new apps and winning fantastic prizes. They’re about making connections with like-minded people and gaining inspiration to make tangible change.

Health 2.0 Developer ChallengeBecome a Sponsor for the Exciting Events! The great feedback from 2010′s Code-a-thon encouraged us to push the envelope for 2011 by having a series of events through the year. You can meet and support these developers by providing food, buying a prize, or promoting a challenge. For more information about sponsoring, click here.

  • The San Francisco Bay Area Code-a-thon will be on January 29 at the Google Campus in Mountain View, Ca. Just like Google, this Code-a-thon is focused on making information easily accessible to individuals. We are offering all teams the chance to get their hands on newly opened API’s and both public and private healthcare data-sets. There will be technical talks from Roni Zeiger of Google, Sastry Nanduri of HealthTap, and Alex Tam of Frog Design. In addition, the Lucile Packard Foundation has also issued a challenge to benefit children with special health care needs.
  • The Washington DC Code-a-thon will be on February 12 at Georgetown University’s Department of Health Systems Integration. We are working with Academy Health to focus on integrating the health services research community. Teams will be able to browse through the more than 15 datasets covering many aspects of health care.
  • The Boston Code-a-thon will be on February 19 at the Microsoft New England Research & Development Center. Participants will get to hear from and mingle with prominent professionals like Vaibhav Bhandari, Microsoft and John Brownstein, Harvard Children’s Hospital. To support this great cause, O’Reilly’s Maker Media division will be co-sponsoring the Boston event by bringing some open source hardware (Arduinos, sensors, etc), experts, and maybe even a Kinect or two to the teams participating in the Veterans Health Wireless Innovation Challenge.

These short events will result in improving the quality of health care, making information easily accessible to individuals and encouraging disease prevention. Don’t miss out these great opportunities to be a part of real change in health care.

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  1. These developer challenges will likely lead to applications of better communication of health issues to consumers so they can be better equipped to be more actively involved in their own care.


    Jose Engelmayer, PhD

    [email protected]

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