The Spring Fling is Right Around the Corner!

Don’t miss an unforgettable line-up of tech visionaries, innovative health care organizations, inspiring government leaders and passionate consumer advocates as we address three critical questions in health care today, Health 2.0-style!

  • What tools and behavior models will really enable us to make smart decisions about food, prevention and wellness?
  • How are we redefining ‘evidence’ with participant-driven research and new methods of collecting real-time data?
  • How does technology and service innovation help reduce the cost of care?

Plus the premiere of 3 new Health 2.0 TV documentaries! We’ll feature:

  • Kaiser’s Preston Maring MD, who is leading the farmers market revolution in the Bay Area
  • Josh Sommer, a young patient advocate, who started a rare disease foundation for collaborative research on chordoma
  • Project Health Design grantee, Nikolai Kirienko, whose personal journey with Crohns is transforming how hospitals, providers and researchers incorporate the patient perspective

This and lots more brought to you in a uniquely engaging format with special surprises thrown in. Don’t miss out on another unforgettable Health 2.0 conference -  join us in San Diego!

Complete agenda here!


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