The Health 2.0 Team in Action!

The Health 2.0 Team is ramping up to put on the most memorable Spring Fling yet! Almost all of the key players have descended upon fair La Jolla and we have already taking the hotel by storm. The question is not, “will the conference ready?” so much as, “will the conference ready for Team Health 2.0?”

Last night’s late meeting was a good example of the 2.0 Crew hard at work. While a few of us have escaped the walls of the beautiful Hilton hotel, most of the week has been spent inside, putting the final touches on our laser tight agenda. You’ll have to wait for the opening day to see the final product of our hard work but here’s a peek at what’s been going on behind the scenes.

Our fearless leaders, Matthew Holt and Indu Subiaya going over our well choreographed presentation…again.
Conferences offer the rare opportunity for our highly virtual and computer mediated team to connect face-to-face. In the case of our Web Designer, Edbury (far right), the Spring Fling allowed him to meet Matthew (his employer for 4 years and counting) for the first time in person. When asked whether or not Matthew was ever concerned about Edbury being a real person, he pointed out, “it doesn’t matter if Edbury is real - his fantastic code is real enough for me!”
A 10pm meeting never looked so good! While this isn’t the full team, it’s a substantial proportion of us. From left: Deb, Lauren, Lizzie, Indu, Matthew and Emily.

The inside of the Hilton Hotel isn’t the only beautiful thing in La Jolla - It’s actually WARM here! Lina took this photo with her mobile phone earlier in the day.
The lobby we were working out of this evening happened to feature the Pai Mei training montage from Kill Bill 2.0. This particular scene offered some inspiration as we attempted to “punch through” the last of the event’s logistical details.

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