Vote for YOUR Favorite Developer Challenge Team

The official Health 2.0 Developer Challenge Judges will make the final call but you can vote for YOUR favorite team here! Can’t remember which team did what? “Continue reading” to see videos on each project.

This afternoon’s presentations proved just how much these teams have accomplished since these videos were recorded at the Regional Developer Challenges. However, the following links can give you an idea of what each team worked on.

  • Team School Records (Bay Area, California)
  • Team Free Health (Bay Area, California)
  • Team Wellness Garden (Bay Area, California)
  • Team Maya (Washington, DC)
  • Team HealthCentral (Washington, DC)
  • Team BlueMeter (Washington, DC)
  • Team Triangle (Boston, MA)
  • Team MIT Media Lab (Boston, MA)

One Response to Vote for YOUR Favorite Developer Challenge Team

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where is the winners announcement?

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