Donate to Japan’s Disaster Relief Efforts

On March 11th, a magnitude-8.9 earthquake hit off the shore of Japan, unleashing a two story tsunami and leaving enormous destruction in its wake. Hundreds have been killed in this disaster and thousands remain homeless.

During the closing remarks of our most recent conference, we had a live video chat with our Health 2.0 Japan Chapter. It was comforting to see some familiar faces but the toll these events have taken on our developer family was apparent. The audience also received a first hand reminder that one of the greatest risks to Japan is the preliminary and long term effect these events will have on their financial markets. Most of the members on the screen had returned to work but are now faced with disrupted production networks and the challenge of addressing unfair economic stigma associated with nuclear emergency. P.S. BUY JAPAN!

As the 3rd largest world economy, we are confident Japan has the power to rebuild itself. However, that does not change the fact that the current disaster relief needs are immediate and pressing. To help Japan get back on it’s feet, Health 2.0 has set up a fund that will match your donation to the Japanese relief efforts up to $1000. We also hope to do our part in supporting the Japanese economy by continuing with our plans to host an event there later this fall. Even if you can only give a small amount, we look forward to  multiplying your generosity by 2.0.

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