SoloHealth is Invested in by Coinstar

Yesterday, Coinstar, Inc. announced it will invest in SoloHealth, a consumer-driven healthcare technology company that develops and deploys health screening and information kiosks. SoloHealth is best known for its award-winning EyeSite® product and the next-generation SoloHealth Station™. Investment details were not disclosed but today’s Health 2.0 Spring Fling will feature a demo by SoloHealth’s CEO and Founder Bart Foster. This news gives Spring Fling guests even more reason not miss this opportunity to preview the next-generation kiosk that will soon be placed in pharmacies and grocery stores nationwide.

SoloHealth’s next-generation stations will allow customers to screen critical health indicators like blood pressure, vision, weight and BMI. For many, these kiosks will also offer an important introduction to health and wellness concepts like education and prevention. Bart points out that, “(w)e live in a self-service society, and with the current environment, we believe SoloHealth’s platforms will provide a tremendous resource for consumers by … increasing access and empowering people to take action to improve their lives.”

The SoloHealth station aims to push cost to the lowest point possible by driving users to the doctor’s office and not the emergency room. Coinstar, a leading provider of automated retail solutions, will therefore make a powerful partner. Coninstar’s core automated retail businesses include the well-known redbox® self-service DVD rental and Coinstar® self-service coin-counting brands. Gregg Kaplan, president and chief operating officer of Coinstar, explained, “(w)e believe that SoloHealth will address the changing market dynamics in the healthcare space by bringing free health and wellness screening to individuals who may not have accessed it otherwise.” More than just a positive investment, the tools proposed by Coinstar and SoloHealth could ultimately offer important resources to larger public health initiatives.

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