Research 2.0: Backstage Video Interviews from the Spring Fling 2011

The emergence of user-generated content and the rise of patient involvement in Health 2.0 is radically changing research. In both discovery and clinical practice, this shift is raising important questions: What is peer review? What is evidence? And what is the appropriate methodology in a world where data are being generated and released from so many diverse sources so quickly? These backstage interviews look across the spectrum - from genomics to clinical trial recruiting all the way to how these new approaches to research are changing daily clinical decisions made by providers and consumers.

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Josh Sommer, Executive Director, Chordoma Foundation
Josh founded the Chordoma Foundation during his sophomore year at Duke. In addition to funding research and opening up cell lines for this rare form of bone cancer, the Foundation is also working on real-time learning systems, hosting conferences where researchers to share new treatments, and creating a template for other rare cancers.

Zach Simpson, Chief Architect & Scientist, Traitwise
In 2008 he co-founded, Traitwise, a web-based bio-informatics company that is attempting to “sequence” the human phenome. Traitwise has an innovative survey technology appropriate for both care and research. Zach’s brother Michael just launched the company at Health 2.0 last October, but at these year’s Spring Fling Zach showed us its potential for real time research.

George Lundberg, Editor-in-Chief, Cancer Commons
George was one of the best known medical editors to go “online”, leaving JAMA to go to Medscape in 1999. After a decade at Medscape (and parent company WebMD) George is now Editor at Large for MedPage Today and is really pushing the envelope on how academic research and publishing gets done at Cancer Commons. As former FDA head Donald Kennedy said, “Cancer Commons puts the patient at the front end of a remarkable experiment in translational medicine.” George showcased this world of “N of 1” experiments, and targeted therapy finder tools to our San Diego audience and touches upon it’s influence in this backstage interview.

Greg Biggers, Chief Instigator and CEO, Genomera
A Internet consultant since the ARPANET and in SaaS back when it was called ASP, Greg is a self-proclaimed protean multipreneur and troublemaker. He started Genomera to allow a community of quantified-selfers and hobbyists open, share and connect their genotypes, phenotypes and behavior in a series of self guided research projects. We don’t think you’ve seen anything quite like Genomera before.

Chalapathy Neti, Director & Global Leader, Healthcare Transformation, IBM Research
Chalapathy is a hardcore scientist with degrees in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering. His day job is leading research in perceptual computing, speech recognition and multi-modal conversational systems for information interaction. As IBM’s central intelligence for health IT, he acts as one of the key thought leaders on the stunning implications that IBM’s Jeopardy-winning AI system Watson could have for health care. Chalapathy is also an integral force behind the $100m effort IBM announced last year to extract evidence from health data, generate new processes and move the health care system to focusing on improving outcomes.

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