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Joichi Ito has been named director of the MIT Media Lab. A vocal advocate of emergent democracy, privacy, and Internet freedom, Ito is board chair and former CEO of Creative Commons, sits on the board of directors of the Mozilla Foundation, founded Eccosys and was an early investor in more than 40 companies, including Flickr, Six Apart,, Kongregate, Kickstarter, and Twitter. Ito succeeds Frank Moss, who was director of the Media Lab for the past five years. If you’re info-streams haven’t already been swamped by this news, just know that that this is the nerd equivalent of the Royal Wedding.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out e-Patient Dave’s TEDx Maaschtricht from the Netherlands earlier this month. The video is up and getting plenty of hits. You can also watch his interview with Dutch medical magazine, Medisch Contact.

Chicago Health 2.0 is breaking the news about HealthBox, a new accelerator that will take its place alongside Rock Health in San Francisco and Blueprint Health in New York City. It will be run by the local Chicago startup community, SandBox Industries. Working to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship in the healthcare sector, SandBox Industries helps to fill the gap in funding available for very early stage start-ups that aren’t quite ready for Series A. Check out the full story at Health 2.0′s Chicago Chapter.

BodyMedia a pioneer in developing wearable body monitoring and weight management systems, just announced a new way for Sprint customers to understand their calorie balance and create personalized workouts with the Sprint BodyMedia ID pack. This service offers a customized bundle of widgets, applications, wallpapers, ringtones and other content for Android owners in search of their quantified-selves.

Dr. Val Jones is sick of Twitter and Facebook health misinformation. She would like to get a small group of volunteer experts together – healthcare professionals committed to science and common sense – to have them per-review links before they are promoted on Twitter. She has created a new Twitter account called “HealthyRT” to which the volunteer experts will have access to and can use to promote content that is medically sound. Click here to learn more about Val’s initiative.

Friendster will erase all user photos, blogs and more on May 31 but does so with a nod to data portability. The site is now encouraging all users to use the ‘Friendster Exporter’ app to download or export their profile information, friends list, photos, messages, comments, testimonials, shoutouts, blogs and groups. The new Friendster should be going live in the coming weeks and will focus mainly on Asian users. See the full obituary story at TechCrunch.

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