Coco the Health 2.0 Baby

I decided that as we’re using Health 2.0 tools and devices at home, it’s time for the whole family to use them. Starting with the newest member-4 day old Colette.

4 Responses to Coco the Health 2.0 Baby

  1. Steve says:

    What a cutie. I'm sure you're not thinking Skinner Box … Are you?

  2. Matthew,

    Colette looks gorgeous, congrats. We have 5 children and have weighed them often, long before the Withings and AnD Medical connected scales came to our house. Just weigh yourself with her and then without her, it will work fine with any scale and Colette will enjoy it. For the logging, I will try to get an App to compute the difference for you! Again, congrats, she is lovely.

  3. Alex Fair says:

    No way, Skinner boxes were so 1.0! Besides, with fitbits and the like we are more like the Walden 2 sheep, being conditioned without our fences.

    Very cute Matt. Congrats to Momma too.

  4. Jeff Greene says:

    Congratulation Matthew to you and your wife. Colette is a beautiful name…

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