Fall Conference Agenda Announced and more!

Health 2.0 is proud to announce the agenda for the 5th Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference in San Francisco, September 25-27. We’re excited to finally share this great line-up of panels we’ve put together. This will be the only conference you’ll need to attend to see the latest health care technology, live demos, dynamic panels, educational breakout sessions and more!

  • The Health 2.0 Show, TODAY, May 26th at 10:00 PST, will give you all the details of what Health 2.0 will be up to this summer. Special guests & topics will include: Regina Holliday - talking about The Walking Art Gallery in DC on June 7th. Fred Trotter - will recap his experience at Maker Faire, where he showed how to easily create QR code graffiti and demonstrate the possibilities for the codes in healthcare. Ted Eytan (Kaiser Permanente) - will discuss the week of activities during DC Health Innovation Week, many of which are at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health. Registration for the Health 2.0 show is FREE - SIGN UP HERE!
  • The 2nd Annual Health 2.0 Europe Conference in Berlin on October 27-28, 2011, will focus on the themes of: content & search, provider tools, communities and data production, behavior change tools, unplatforms, data utility layer & tools, health 2.0 financing, mobile devices and smart phones. A signature of the Health 2.0 conferences, Launch! will be back by popular demand. Come witness live demos of debuting technologies that will shape the future of health care. To submit a speaker application for this event - CLICK HERE!.
  • Health 2.0 is planning another Developer Challenge Code-a-thon in Washington D.C. at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health on June 11. There were some amazing applications that came out of the previous Code-a-thons earlier this year, and we’re happy to give teams the opportunity to create applications that could possible change the path of health care. Winning teams will have the opportunity to present their applications to a panel of judges at the Health 2.0 Fall Conference in San Francisco. Registration is quick, easy and FREE - REGISTER HERE.
  • 4 Pre-Conference Workshops: This year we had to expand our normal 2 day conference agenda to 3 days to include 4 Pre-Conference Workshops. On Sunday, September 25 we’ll include these specialized sessions focusing on; Patients 2.0, Employers 2.0, Doctor’s 2.0 and Health Law 2.0. Register for the Fall Conference to attendee these special workshops and participate!
  • The 5th Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference Agenda is finally here! We worked hard to put together the biggest and best Health 2.0 conference you’ll ever see. We plan to top 2010’s success with 3 DAYS of incredible speakers, panels and demos! See the Agenda Here to check out the great line-up we’ve put together. Registration prices goes up June 30 - SIGN UP TODAY!

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