Health 2.0: Running Challenges & Scanning Innovation for ONC

We’re delighted to tell the Health 2.0 Community that all of your great work in the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge has received tremendous backing of the highest order. Today, HHS officially confirmed that ONC is getting into the challenges business. In conjunction with our partner Capital Consulting Corporation, Health 2.0 will be managing a $5m two year program called Investing in Innovation or i2.

Details are available in the press release from HHS, but expect to hear from us about many more public sector challenges addressing a broad range of information technology in health with some considerably larger prizes than we’ve seen in the 22 challenges we’ve already managed.

We are incredibly excited about both our role in working with ONC and the opportunity that this gives all our Health 2.0 innovators and community members. Please keep your eyes open for both more private sector challenges, and major announcements about HHS challenges starting in July. And, of course, we’ll be saying more about this at the Health Data Initiative Forum on Thursday.

In addition Health 2.0 (and our Health 2.0 Advisors’ service) will be working on a contract for HHS/ONC to track and scan the overall level of innovation in health technology. Please stay tuned as we’ll be releasing more information about our scanning and advisory work in the near future, or  you can, as always, contact us directly.

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