Zeo Personal Sleep Coach

Ben Rubin of Zeo stopped by the San Francisco Health 2.0 office to tell us a little about the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach.

The Zeo device scores the quality and quantity of your sleep in a single number by calculating the total amount of time you slept and adding or subtracting points based on the amount of REM sleep verses the amount of disturbed sleep you get throughout the night. The group hopes to take advantage of the Quantified Self movement that has been gaining mainstream popularity with wellness-tracking iPhone apps peaking millions downloads.

Health 2.0 was the proud recipient of some Zeos this morning and we can’t wait to put them to the test against some of our other behavior modification devices. Check back for a review of our week long show down between the Zeo and the sleep-tracking functionality of the FitBit.

This short video interview by Matthew Holt goes over the story behind Zeo, their recent venture capitol partners and what’s next in the world of sleep tracking.

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