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RunKeeper, a company that started with a GPS enabled tracking service has introduced HealthGraph, which allows users to aggregate data and social interactions from other devices and services including ZEO, Withings, Polar, Foursquare and more. Runkeeper is making a play to become a data utility layer for multiple devices.

Eastern Michigan University’s Autism Collaborative Center is receiving a state telehealth grant of $500K to leverage their program that streams online video content of patients for remote use by therapists.

Palantir was one of the starts of the show at this weeks HDI Forum in DC, showing off a complex drag and drop visualization of CDC data about food distribution using to track a salmonella outbreak. You can browse some 30 of the 45 demos seen at HDI at the Health 2.0 Tech Showcase’s dedicated HDI page.

Pfizer is working with MyTrus starting the first FDA approved clinical trial that will rely on patients using home based IT tools rather than attending clinical centers. MyTrus debuted their technology at Health 2.0 last Fall (and probably aren’t too happy that the WSJ never mentioned their name in this article!)

Mobile health solutions provider Voxiva, has launched a new smoking cessation personalized SMS service Text2Quit, modeled after the success of their similar product, Text4Baby.

AirWatch which provides a solution monitoring and securing mobile devices has given $100K to Inova Health System in Virginia for a telehealth program focusing on stroke and home care.

MIM, an imaging solutions software company specializing in solutions for radiologists and oncologists, created the new app VueMe, a patient-centric version of their popular app MIMmobile. The new app allows patients to view, store and share their medical images.

Health workers in Botswana are provided smart phones designed by HP in an effort to curb the affects of malaria through a year-long pilot program involving tracking and data collection. The project is a result of the collaboration between HP and Positive Innovation for the Next Generation, a Botswana-based non-profit organization, as well as help from the Clinton Health Access Initiative and MASCOM, a mobile network provider.

World Health Organization issued a report, mHealth: New Horizons for Health through Mobile Technologies, a survey of mostly pilot activities using mobile devices in 112 countries.

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