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How an iPad can give a voice to special needs children

Jo Ashline is a columnist for the Orange County Register who regularly writes about parenting special needs children. We were particularly interested in her recent piece discussing the therapeutic use of iPads with non-verbal children and wanted to share it … Continue reading

Getting More Startups Focused on Health

Could it be true? Is venture funding on the mend after it’s collapse in 2008? Some would say that the amount of capital invested is on the rise, and new funding streams are providing an excellent opportunity for startups to … Continue reading

San Diego Showing of Hot Flash Havoc

Hot Flash Havoc is a crash-course in what you need to know about menopause. This film sheds light on the confusion stemming from a decade of misguided facts and conveys poignant personal stories shared by real women, men and noted experts. A San … Continue reading

FICO’s Medication Adherence Score

You’ve heard of a FICO Credit Score. Now introducing: FICO’s Medication Adherence Score. Please read the New York Times Keeping Score on How You Take Your Medication and pay even closer attention to the comments it’s collecting. Advancements in pharmacology … Continue reading

BodyMedia Get Moving! Developer Challenge Launched Today

Health 2.0 and BodyMedia announced today the launch of the BodyMedia Get Moving! Challenge, which asks teams of developers to create a technology application that encourages users to make long term positive decisions by competing in groups to improve their … Continue reading

News & Updates

The Children’s Rare Disease Network is giving away a rare disease research registry valued up to $50,000. RemedyMD has spent the last 10 years and millions developing this meta-registry technology so that rare disease researchers can accelerate their efforts when … Continue reading

Health Data Discovery Contest at CureTogether

If the fine folks at Health 2.0 are any indication, contests seem to be the best way to spark innovation these days. CureTogether is throwing another contest into the mix this summer: The Health Data Discovery Contest Over the past … Continue reading

The Quantified Self: Making the Personal Public

Please enjoy this, rather polarizing, cometary on the Quantified Self Movement. While I’m concerned that concepts like the “unraveling effect” run the risk of stunting innovative approaches to health and identity,  Peppet brings up critical issues that both individuals and … Continue reading

News & Updates

RememberItNow!, a PHR & drug reminder tool, adds new educational Tweet tips via text message, Push and email. Daily tips include those on Wellness, Heart Health, Pregnancy, Diabetes, Inspiration, and Caregiving. This is typical of the “marrying content to care … Continue reading

News & Updates

RunKeeper, a company that started with a GPS enabled tracking service has introduced HealthGraph, which allows users to aggregate data and social interactions from other devices and services including ZEO, Withings, Polar, Foursquare and more. Runkeeper is making a play … Continue reading

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