CNN’s Are You Giving Your Dr. a Headache

CNN’s “Are You Giving Your Doctor a Headache” is the type of news headline we’ve seen many times before. One of those “hear-all-about-it! Doctor deals with internet crazed patient!” stories. However, don’t let Elizabeth Cohen’s sensational title fool you. While the article starts off with references to “The Angry Patient” and “The Patient Who Knows Too Much,” the piece is surprisingly well balanced for mainstream media.

The article unpacks the complexity of patient engagement in reference to QuantiaMD’s physician-to-physician educational presentation titled “Managing the Difficult Patient,” which has drawn thousands of views from doctors and really pissed off patient advocates. Cohen touches upon legitimate challenges faced by clinicians but highlights Amy Tenderich, founder of the popular website with some great empowered patient quotes. While it would have helped to see the Society for Participatory Medicine mentioned by name, it’s nice to see CNN feature the “empowered patient” in a positive light.

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