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Telehealth solutions provider, Independa has launched “Angela”, a tool for older adults and seniors seeking independence. The interactive telecare platform provides various sorts of entertainment as well as communication facilitation with caregivers and family. It’s in an increasingly crowded market, with the GE/Intel JV Care Innovations as a major competitor.

At $512, Open PCR kits-copy machines for DNA- are now being shipped worldwide as in-home genomes that require only a set of screwdrivers to assemble.

IBM study reportedly surveyed over 1,300 wellness device users to better predict what the future holds for such tools. It is predicted that those to make the cut will be related to diet, elder care, true blood, mobility, and brain wave sensors.

Google Health users will soon be able to transfer their information to Microsoft Health Vault’s personal health record platform. Google Health is expected to close come January of 2012, with data available for download until January of 2013.

We caught an early look at Medfy. It’s still in private beta, but has aggregated a huge volume of clinical abstracts which it machine reads, and presents to a user/patient in a new graphical manner. It’s at core a reinvention of the medical search process.

Scripps Health and the West Wireless Health Institute (both of San Diego) released a study addressing the success of the GE VScan portable ultrasound device that is able to track ejection fractions from the heart as well as an EKG.

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