Guest Speakers and Demos Announced For The Next Health 2.0 Show

We’re very glad to announce that Thomas Goetz, executive editor for Wired Magazine and author of The Decision Tree and Gary Wolf, co-founder of Quantified Self will both be bringing their expert commentary to The Health 2.0 Show next Monday July 25th. Also joining us, with previews of their main stage demos, will be Ron Gutman of HealthTap and Jordan Goldberg of StickK.

On the upcoming episode, we’ll give a preview of our main stage session User-Generated Health: From Intelligent Communities to Self-Tracking, and the Quest for Personalized Health Platforms. We’ll talk about how communities are evolving from simple support mechanisms to becoming personalized platforms for disease management, behavior change and data analytics, and see the Health 2.0 tools and unplatforms that are driving consumer engagement.

Don’t miss your chance to get a preview of the fall conference with some great guests and demos! Registration is free, so sign up today.

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