BodyMedia Get Moving! Challenge: Two Parts of The Health and Wellness Equation

BodyMedia recently announced an open API. Over the years, we have worked with many different partners, such as 24 Hour Fitness, Ki Fitness (in the UK), Sprint, and Panasonic to name a few, to develop new markets and applications for our product line.  We felt that this is the time to take the next steps to expand the availability of our unique and versatile data to create new innovations and solutions using our technology platform.  BodyMedia’s devices are unparalleled in the marketplace for clinically validated accuracy and proven outcomes to help people lead healthier lives. Using four sophisticated sensors, BodyMedia Armbands capture over 5000 data points per minute to track everything from calories burned, steps taken and levels of physical activity to sleep efficiency, while also providing a food logging tool.

The goal of our API is to create new apps, either within the existing lifestyle management platform or to apply the unique BodyMedia technology into new spaces providing innovative ways to enhance motivation, engagement, personalization and socialization of our data. The BodyMedia FIT system collects hundreds of millions of data points per day and represents one of the largest living databases of information taken from the human body.  It can open the door for endless possibilities like gaming, fitness, entertainment or social network integrations.  The API gives developers the ability to interact with this minute by minute lifestyle data for users who have granted them access.  At the end of the day, we feel that unlocking the power of our data can continue to catalyze new healthcare solutions at the nexus where health and technology converge.

To get the word out about our open API, we have decided to participate in the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge. Our BodyMedia Get Moving! Challenge is to focus on the importance of community support and behavior change dynamics when it comes to making long term lifestyle change.

So how can we expand the power? With your help, of course. The BodyMedia Get Moving! Challenge is calling for the creation of an application that allows self-forming groups (family, friends, clubs, ect.) to make long-term positive decisions to improve weight/fitness, motivate and potentially compare progress. Click here for the full details.

Creating more apps for socialization and engagement will help more people interact with the technology and create new ways to use data that provides the total picture about their health. Having the total picture is the best solution for ongoing health and wellness management and weight loss success.

Our outcome studies show that the BodyMedia system is clinically proven to improve weight loss by three times over tackling weight loss on your own and is the most accurate way to measure calorie burn. But the system’s ability to educate and motivate is what helps elicit long-term behavior changes, positioning the product to become a powerful comprehensive solution in health and wellness. The BodyMedia API and Health 2.0 Developer Challenge gives developers the opportunity to work with insight-rich data about the human body and create apps that can change the way people understand and interact with their health.

So help us not only to be part of the solution, but to expand the positive impact of body monitoring to provide the whole solution. Good luck.

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