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University of Maryland researchers have published a study in the journal Diabetes Care showing that use of Welldocs iPhone & Web based diabetes application led to significant improvements in long term blood sugar control. Similar recent studies from dLife & MedAdherence have both shown success in A1c control. No-one has yet been able to show an accompanying drop in costs, but expect much more attention about that.

MDLiveCare announced a contract with Maricopa County guaranteeing residents access to hour-long web, video, telephone and email based physician consultations. With a population of almost 4 million residents, the deal dramatically expands the company’s customer base.

The Center for Technology and Aging has awarded five grants worth a total of $477,150 to catalyze the development of mobile health applications tailored for older adults with chronic diseases. The funded projects range from a mobile application to monitor medication adherence to a SMS-based diabetes education platform.

If you’re bored with the NY, SF & Chicago based VC incubators, how about Cleveland? Cleveland Clinic has created its own private incubator to foster internal development of health applications. Applications already in development include a consumer-facing, health news application for the iPad as well as a physician-tailored application to disseminate clinical content.

Doctor appointment booking software ZocDoc raised a staggering $50M from Russian investor DST Global run by Facebook investor Yuri Milner to make a total of $70M invested thus far. Rumor is that this valued ZocDoc at over $700M. The backers of identical service Xoova which went out of business in 2008 unable to raise a series B must be wondering whether they made a strategic error!

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