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Doctor’s will receive $44K in incentives for adopting Dr.Chrono’s EHR iPad app-the first to be officially certified under Meaningful Use.

SpeedTrack, Inc., a Guided Information Access software solutions company, has launched their user friendly web-based healthcare information and analysis service. The tech allows instant access to useful information of patient records from California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development.

Investors put forth $15 million for the development of the “nanopatch”, a vaccine delivery system that excludes the use of a syringe. The nanopatch is currently in the testing phase and has delivered effective results on animals. If proven useful this could potentially decrease the amount of vaccine fluid used per person in addition to resolving needle stick injuries. The Federal Government is investing in the establishment of Vaxxas, the company that will commercialize the product.

ZST Global has invested $50 million into ZocDoc to go towards the geographic expansion of their online and mobile app appointment booking service.

Venture for America is a new program similar to Teach for America that’s providing intensives to attract eager graduates, start-ups and wannabe entrepreneurs to distressed U.S. cities.

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