Interview with drchrono

I caught up with Mike Nusimow, CEO of drchrono, after their live demonstration at the San Francisco Apple Store. Drchrono has developed the first native EHR platform for the iPad and (since being featured at Florida’s Health 2.0′s Conference) is the only iPad EHR to receive Meaningful Use Certification. The app has some slick features, such as medical speech-to-text technology, eRx ePrescribing, paperless billing and the clean visual interface you’d expect from any iProduct. Coupled with the less cumbersome tablet technology, these features save doctors time and eliminate distractions during office visits.

Nusimow spoke with us about the application’s potential to convert doctors from paper to electronic record keeping. More than just a way to cash in on the $44K Meaningful Use Incentive, he explained that drchrono is already  helping clinicians aggregate practice data in new ways. Many doctors already own an iPad and find the interface easy to customize. Offices using the technology are developing ways to better organize data by building and sharing their own EHR templates - offering valuable insight that standardized EHRs can’t.

We also learned that drchrono has a very interesting new feature their about to announce. While we’re not at liberty to share the details, you can get the scoop on drchrono at the upcoming Health 2.0 Conference this Fall.

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