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It’s SXSW Panel Picker voting time!

After our popular 2011 SXSW session, Health Data Everywhere: Not a Drop to Link?, we knew we had to get back for more!  This year our proposed panel is called Big Data and Health: From Gathering to Farming, and we’ll be focusing on the evolution of research with proposed speakers Indu Subaiya of Health 2.0, Ahmed Ghouri of Avinta Health, Jeff Jonas of IBM and Carol McCall of Health Analytics Innovations.

Panel Proposal:
Health researchers were once limited to the role of data hunter-gathers - creating studies for data collection - foraging for information. But today, as consumers are creating, sharing and contributing personal data, there’s been a paradigm shift: researchers have evolved into farmers. No longer needing to find the data - the key role for researchers is to mine the vast plain to find elements that will drive change. According to a recent McKinsey report, big data mining could save the US health care system up to $300 billion a year. And with federal dollars funding comparative-effectiveness research and health plans, providers, pharma and consumer companies mining vast amounts of data – how will our health care system become smarter? We’ll be hearing from the leaders in the new world of analytics and asking the question: Can Big Data inform better decisions for better health care outcomes? And can visualizing data to make it more accessible to users drive change in costs and behaviors?

Questions our panel will answer:

  • What are current initiatives in health care data mining?
  • What are opportunities in health care data mining?
  • How are new visualization technologies making data mining distribution easier?
  • How are new technologies making data mining easier/the norm?
  • What’s next in the evolution of health data research?

Now the part where we need YOUR help! Public voting makes up 30% of the final decision process and is open for the next two weeks. We’d really appreciate your vote and comments on our proposal here.

Vote for our SXSW Idea!

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