Health 2.0 NYC: Kickstarter – Get Money For Your Idea

On Wednesday, August 18th I attended the Health 2.0 NYC: Kickstarter event where over 100 members of the Health 2.0 community engaged in a lively discussion (video) on fundraising for new business concepts (special thanks for NYU for hosting the meeting).  The broad range of panelists talked about the many different ways you can finance a start-up including venture capital, incubators, university funding, and prize competitions.  Below you can find my short presentation about the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge (that I also referred to as the “Innovation Challenge” – brainfreeze) as well as the presentation deck I prepared.

As someone who has been attending Health 2.0 NYC meetings since the early days of the group it’s amazing to see how the community has grown and how much interest there is in health innovation.  The meeting organizers, Alex Fair, Lynn Nezin and Lois Drapin are doing an outstanding job of leading the community as it grows.  Health 2.0 groups are popping up all over the place (Hartford, South Carolina) and there’s no question that the excitement around the health space will spawn even more new groups.

If you’re interested in forming a Health 2.0 chapter please contact me.  I’m happy to talk about how Health 2.0 can support you.


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