Health 2.0-Amazing Agenda, Price Goes Up Today

Now you’ve recovered from Labor day it’s time to make your plans for the Fall. And the most important plan is to get to Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco on Sept 25-27. The price goes up today, so don’t keep procrastinating!

The agenda for Health 2.0 Conference is amazing and it’s only half the reason to come. The exhibit hall sold out a while back, tickets sales are way ahead of last year when we had 1,000 people. This year we’re already at 900 with three weeks to go…and we tend to add lots in that last minute rush.

Four Pre-Conferences. An overnight Code-a-thon and Health 2.0 101, educational session for developers and people new to health care. A live Innovation Exchange introducing small companies to big ones and venture investors. Two full days of main stage programming including more CEOs (Aetna, Kaiser, more) and tech whizzes than you can imagine. Over 140 live product demos. More than 25 parallel sessions or Deep Dives. Live CEO interviews. And some “Unmentionable” topics never discussed at a health care tech conference before. Not to mention at least 20 brand new product introductions.

So buy your tickets now, while they’re still available. Deals will be done, imaginations will be blown, history will be made. You won’t regret coming!

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