Jobs Outlook: Health 2.0 Wants to Know

On Sept 8th, President Obama announced the massive American Jobs Act. With the increased focus on job creation, Health 2.0 wants your input to help push this exciting agenda forward. To do this, Health 2.0 has put together a quick poll to collect feedback from our community. Responses to these 3 simple questions will be sent directly to the government and used to guide our nations next steps.

  • Did you hire or create job openings within your organization this year?
  • Do you expect to hire or create job openings within your organization next year?
  • How do you currently view the business growth/outlook in your sector?

For those of you who want to share more, Health 2.0 would like to feature your story on stage at our upcoming Health 2.0 Conference. Fill out this short form and we’ll feature your company at our upcoming event.

YES! I want my Company featured onstage.

We would love to know more! If you’re hiring, new on the scene or just want to catch the government’s eye, please continue our survey here.

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