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How an iPad can give a voice to special needs children

Jo Ashline is a columnist for the Orange County Register who regularly writes about parenting special needs children. We were particularly interested in her recent piece discussing the therapeutic use of iPads with non-verbal children and wanted to share it … Continue reading

DC to VC: Health 2.0 Companies Pitch!

Health Innovation Week continues in San Francisco, but, this past Thursday, Health 2.0 zipped down to the Microsoft campus in Mountain View for “DC to VC” - a fabulously organized event by Rebecca Lyn & Ching Wu of Morgenthaler Ventures … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Launch! Finalists Announced

Since we first put it on at Health 2.0 in 2008, Launch! has introduced over 45 new companies and products, including Unity Medical, Remedy Ventures, TheCarrot, and the WSJ’s 2010 top (and not just in health!) start-up company, Castlight Health. … Continue reading

News & Updates

Rite Aid has partnered with American Well to create “NowClinic” making American Well's online doc-on-demand service available at nine of its Detroit stores. Customers will be able to conduct video visits with physicians or nurses through the NowClinic kiosks at … Continue reading

Today is the Last Day to Apply for Health 2.0 Matchpoint!

That’s right, today is the very last day to apply for Health 2.0 Matchpoint! All submissions must be in by 5:00pm PDT! In this first-ever session of its kind at Health 2.0, selected innovative start-ups will have a chance to … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Code-a-thon: Novartis invites all-comers to innovate around their API

As Health Innovation Week kicks up, before 1300 of our best friends arrive for the Health 2.0 Conference on Sunday-Tuesday, on Saturday we are hosting a Health 2.0 Code-a-thon in San Francisco at the PariSOMA loft (11am Saturday 25th to … Continue reading

The Biggest Bay Area Code-a-thon Yet!

Please join us for a special 2-day code-a-thon running the weekend before our massive San Francisco Conference. As part of Health Innovation Week, we expect to put on our largest code-a-thon ever with innovators from throughout the Bay Area joining … Continue reading

Changing Clinical Workflow Around Sexual Assault

We’d like to introduce Dr. Nancy Kimber, a practicing gynecologist and a sexual assault consultant for the Long Beach, CA Police Department. Kimber will join us for the Patient Communication segment of our upcoming fall conference. A valuable addition to … Continue reading

News & Updates

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is honing in on misleading medical apps. Apparently there were thousands of people who purchased apps that made false claims of acne-curing capabilities; these companies were forced out of business by the FTC. Joseph Cafazzo … Continue reading

News & Updates

The Annals of Internal Medicine publishes a study on patient comprehension of findings from clinical trials. The study concludes that patients understand health data best when it is expressed in percentages. CakeHealth launches to the public. Cake Health bills itself … Continue reading

ONC’s Investing in Innovation Challenges

Health 2.0 is thrilled to announce that we are launching two challenges as part of the “official” kick-off of the Investing in Innovation (i2) program. Over the next 2 years the ONC will be issuing nearly $2m in prize money … Continue reading

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