The Crazy Ones

We didn’t expect or think that the passing of someone, whom we’ve never met before, would leave us so sad today.  The death of Steve Jobs, reminded us of how it is always possible to make one’s work, one’s passion – intensely great – reaching the sublime.

Steve Jobs’ influence on our worldview transcends just the ‘product’ world. His success highlighted the ways that philosophy and aesthetic can improve every aspect of a project, mission or objective. Even something as simple as the disjunction between Apple’s market share vs. its impact on the world, struck us as an example of the small being beautiful (and significant).

Please take a moment to watch this video in which Steve Jobs discusses saving Apple’s brand by returning to their core value: Providing a platform for the people crazy enough to think they can change the world because they are often the ones that do.

This clip features Jobs explaining the un-aired commercial “The Crazy Ones.”  While the commercial is powerful in the way it challenges viewers to think differently, we chose the full presentation because it demonstrates Job’s ability to empower his immediate audience to act differently. In this video, a young Steve Jobs thoroughly captures your attention by distilling complex issues in a way that inspires us to re-examine the connections between business and passion. What’s more, is that he manages to captivate you in this way well before you even realize he’s wearing strange shorts with that trademark turtleneck.

Jobs has definitely influenced Health 2.0 as an organization, community and movement in many intangible ways. And this is how we’re choosing to remembering the mastermind — speaking to a small audience about how to leverage a simple brand and platform to enact global change.

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