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This segment of Health 2.0’s Fall Conference covered one of the event’s most influential topics facing health care today — Big Data. In this video, our panel discusses the emerging role of huge data sets made up of both existing and new data and how Health 2.0 companies can begin to unlock their potential. Health 2.0’s Indu Subaiya explains that, “for the first time we’re beginning to see technologies intelligently mining, archiving, presenting and visualizing this data.” The ability to make sense of all this information in a way that will ultimately influence health care decisions is what Subaiya calls “the holy grail.”

In this video you’ll first see Chris Mahoney, Director of Health Care Strategy at Cynergy, introduce the panel. Next, Subaiya provides context on the topic before turning it over to the powerhouse panel. The stage hosts Paul Wallace, Senior Vice President and Director of the Lewin Group Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research, Carol McCall, Principal of Health Analytics Innovations and Colin Hill, CEO & President of GNS Healthcare. Each provides insight into the kinds of tools they think will most effectively make use of Big Data. Following this you’ll see demos from:

Charlie Lougheed, President & CTO, Explorys

Tod Fetherling, Chairman & Founder, Stratasan

David Hadden, Founder & CEO, Therasim

Camille Kubie, Manager of Global Brand & Design, GE

Josh Adler, Vice President, IndiGO Business Leader, Archimedes

Casey Ketterling, Forward Deployed Engineer, Palantir

Roni Zeiger, Chief Health Strategist, Google & Taha Kass-Hout, Deputy Division Director for Information Science, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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