Welcome and Opening Presentation: Video from Health 2.0′s San Francisco Conference 2011

Health 2.0’s Matthew Holt and Indu Subaiya welcome attendees to the conference in this video by providing an overview of how far Health 2.0, the movement, has come and what to expect in the year ahead. The conference kicks off when  Dr. Jordan Shlain presents Holt and Subaiya with the proclamation for Health Innovation Week in San Francisco on behalf of Mayor Edwin M. Lee. The week in September included about 20 events region-wide and culminated with the Health 2.0 Fall Conference. Also, in the beginning, you’ll catch Holt and Subaiya introduce the newest, and most youthful and vibrant members of the Heath 2.0 team (we’re talking about the new baby in each of their families).

At about the 7:40 mark, a short video takes a look at how the technology landscape has changed in the last five years and what this has meant for health. To put things in context, in 2007, the year Health 2.0 was founded, there was no such thing as an app store, and 18 months ago there wasn’t an iPad. Today many Health 2.0 companies base their products solely on mobile and tablet devices. In this segment, Holt and Subaiya invite you to imagine how the world will look in the next five years.

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