Yet More and Different Unmentionables: Video from Health 2.0′s San Francisco 2011 Conference

The Unmentionables Panel debuted at the San Francisco Fall 2010 conference and turned out to be the best-rated panel of the entire show. This year it was back with even more issues that aren’t talked about enough in health care. In this video, President of Eliza Alexandra Drane, who brought us the idea for the panel last year, takes a deeper look at these topics. Her list of unmentionables includes financial concerns, social conflicts, relationship conflicts, care giving, job stress, depression, trouble sleeping, bad sex life, not getting enough exercise and diet issues. She explains how Eliza’s research over the past year indicates that health and productivity are negatively affected by a high number of unmentionables in a person’s life. In this video, you’ll hear from several people about how they think Health 2.0 can affect this area and ultimately improve lives. They include:

Andy Cohen, Founder and CEO,

Marcus Osborne, Vice President, Healthcare Savings Programs and Global Sourcing, Walmart

Charlotte Yeh, CMO, AARP

Wendy Lynch, Co-director of the Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care, Altarum Institute

Ben Rubin, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Zeo

Peter Levin, Chief Technology Officer, Veterans Affairs

Kyra Bobinet, Managing Director, Strategic Diversification, Aetna & Brent Poole, CEO, Mindbloom

David Wamsley, Co-Founder & CEO, GravityEight

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