Video from the Medify Launch at Health 2.0 San Francisco 2011


“My daughter was diagnosed with a serious autoimmune condition. On more than one occasion we almost lost her,” Derek Streat of Medify explained at the Health 2.0 Conference last September.

But after doing tons of research he was able to work with his daughter’s doctor to make decisions that would ultimately save her life. Streat co-founded Medify and created on the online condition research tool based on his experience and out of the belief that patients and caregivers should be equipped with enough information to help make important medical decisions. Medify’s team of technologists, health advocates and medical advisors assemble information from millions of medical studies so that patients have an easier time with their research process. The Medify system employs technology that extracts facts from disparate data sources and then organizes it around topics like treatments, experts on the condition and new research. In this short video, Streat demos the application by searching “autism.”

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