BetaBait Needs (Health) Beta Testers

Fancy yourself a first adopter? BetaBait is a service that aims to make finding new apps a whole lot easier. The company itself went into beta last month, providing developers with a site to showcase their nearly complete products and users an opportunity to get a first shot at new applications. BetaBait sends users daily emails with the latest beta opportunities (5-10 a day), and also hosts a comprehensive list online.

Sadly “Health” is distinctly missing from their list of categories, but I discovered the adorable mobile application HealthyHeroes in their sports category. HealthyHeroes offers a take on gamification that draws inspiration from massively multiplayer games like World of Warcraft and tries to embed fitness in gaming, instead of forcing gaming into fitness.

So this is a call to the dedicated front line of patients, quantified-self nerds, doctors and wellness fans to really put health applications through their paces before being released into the wild. Sign-up and make it happen!

  • BetaBait

    Thanks for the post, Adrian! We’ll be getting “health” in there real soon. Promise!

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