ChildObesity180 Announces Launch of Nationwide Competition for Innovation in Physical Activity in Support of LET’S MOVE!

ChildObesity180 today launched a new initiative, the Active Schools Acceleration Project (ASAP), in the continuing effort toward reversing the trend of childhood obesity. Because of their strong support for Let’s Move!, her initiative to solve the problem of childhood obesity within a generation, First Lady Michelle Obama encouraged participation in the competition with a new video message.

ASAP is conducting a national Innovation Competition to identify and reward the most creative, impactful, and scalable school-based programs and technological innovations that promote quality physical activity for children. ASAP is calling for applications from schools, teachers, technology developers, entrepreneurs – anyone with a passion and a plan to get students active and healthy. Top winners will have their programs and technologies piloted in schools where they will be studied, refined, and ultimately scaled to reach children across the country. The First Lady’s video and other details may be found at

Health 2.0 is both honored and excited to promote this competition and support this important cause. In March, Health 2.0 will be hosting a webinar highlighting the technology category of the competition, and technology winners will have an opportunity to present at one of Health 2.0′s major conferences.   The competition is available on the ASAP website and details may also be found within Health 2.0′s Developer Challenge site.  Applications to the competition will be accepted from February 7 through April 2, 2012.