Partnerships & Collaboration at Health 2.0 Spring Fling: Matchpoint Boston

At Health 2.0 we’re rapidly gearing up for Spring Fling: Matchpoint Boston, where we’ll be focusing on the transformative partnerships that are shaping the healthcare industry. We’ll be tackling the big questions of what it takes to form a successful collaboration and we’ll be shining the spotlight on the most innovative deals in Health 2.0’s history.


athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush will tell us about the journey from a startup to becoming one of the biggest companies delivering health technology services to physicians, and how they had to work with customers and other vendors to get there.

Part 1: The Anatomy of a Successful Partnership
Companies are always looking for the magic potion that makes a successful partnership. In our unique daisy chain format, we’ll chat with companies who’ve made collaboration a major part of their strategy.

Speakers including:
Mitch Rothschild, CEO, Vitals
Karl Zachar, VP of Corporate Development, athenahealth
Michael Laskoff, CEO, Abilto
John de Souza, CEO, MedHelp
West Shell, CEO, Healthline

Part 2: Health 2.0 — 2.0
In the second session of fireside chats, we’ll sit down with entrepreneurs in their second venture in Health 2.0. They’ll give their retrospective insight on the successes and failures of building a Health 2.0 company today. What did they learn and what are they doing differently this time around?

Speakers including:
Doug Hirsch, CEO, GoodRX
Chiara Bell, CEO, Careticker
Ann Mond Johnson, Chairman, Connected Health

How does the spark of an idea become a full-fledged company? We’ll hear from the entities that keep these ideas (and startups) growing and afloat. Innovative incubators and influential investors will reflect on how to foster ideas from infancy to scalable products and services.

Incubators including:
Nina Nashif, Healthbox
Brad Weinberg, Blueprint Health
Steve Krein, Startup Health
Matt Wiggins, Remedy Systems
Investors including:
Margaret Laws, California HC Fdn
Don Casey, W. Wireless Health Instit.
Brad Fluegel, Health Evolution Partners

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Apply to be an Innovator Company

At Matchpoint Boston innovative companies will have a chance to meet one on one with leading healthcare organizations and investors to initiate ground-breaking partnerships. We use Health 2.0′s unique application process to ensure all participants make the most of their meetings and leave with tangible results.

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                  Health 2.0 Bazaar
Mingle with the main stage speakers off-stage as ideas, stories, and feedback are exchanged at small round-table discussions. An exciting first, the Health 2.0 Bazaar will spark connections and ideas that will keep people talking well after the conference is over.
Launch! introduces the best new products for the very first time during a series of rapid-fire, back-to-back, 4 minute demos. The winner gets a coveted main stage spot at the 2012 Health 2.0 Fall Conference in San Francisco. It’s very competitive to get selected so apply soon!







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