Aetna Launches the New iTriage

Health insurance company Aetna continued to expand its technology offering today with the launch of the new iTriage, an enhanced version of the widely used mobile application. iTriage helps users figure out what condition they might have and, using their device’s GPS capabilities, points them in the direction of appropriate medical care. The new app is designed to be more personal, and it will allow users to find and book appointments with their providers. Aetna is demoing the updated version at an event called the “Digital and the Empowered Health Consumer” today in New York City. Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini will be joined by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services CTO Todd Park, Health 2.0′s Matthew Holt and Altimeter Founder Charlene Li.

Holt spoke with Bertolini at Health 2.0′s 2011 fall conference, where Bertolini foreshadowed Aetna’s HIT expansion.

“We’re evolving into a technology services company that has a big insurance vehicle attached to it,” he said.

Aetna had recently acquired Medicity, a creator of Health IT platforms, and Aetna went on to buy iTriage in December of last year. The updated version of iTraige is Aetna’s first product release from CarePass, its new digital platform for consumers. CarePass aims to provide a convenient way for consumers to manage their health data by allowing them to share that data across mobile applications.

Holt interviewed Medicity President Brent Dover and President of Strategic Diversification for Aetna Dr. Charles Saunders at HIMSS12 last month. Saunders echoed Bertolini, saying that there’s more to come from Aetna on the technology front.

“We believe in the new era of health care. We’ll be not only a participant, but a catalyst in that transformation,” Saunders said.

In the video below the fold you’ll hear Saunders talk more about what kinds of technology offerings Aetna is planning to bring in the coming year.

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