MedHelp, PillJogger and Tonic Health @ Health 2.0 SF Chapter 2012 Kick-off


Health 2.0′s San Francisco chapter kicked-off 2012 at the MedHelp offices with three killer demos (and some amazing charcuterie). With the home field advantage, MedHelp loaded up the projector first, giving the audience a demonstration of their latest round of updated health tracking apps and seamless online data integration.

Next, PillJogger CEO Robert L. Pakter  took out his iPad to show the audience their solution for mobile adherence. PillJogger provides an easy-to-use interface for recording which pills the user has taken and when. The app stresses the carrot over the stick, and while provider and payer organizations can check up on how well a user has been adhering to their medication regimen, the idea behind PillJogger is that they won’t have to.

Sterling Lanier, CEO of Tonic Health, showed an iPad app that one physician describes as “the pixie dust you sprinke on your EHR to make it work.” Tonic Health shares the same philosophy of patient motivation and encouragement that PillJogger demonstrated. The app moves patient intake and data entry from the clipboard to the iPad, redesigning the experience to provide seamless data entry and increase patient engagement. A little design goes a long way.

Above, you’ll find pictures from the event. Head over to Tonic Health, PillJogger, and MedHelp websites for a better picture of what these fantastic new companies are up to, and attend a Health 2.0 chapter meeting near you for further exciting demos.