Now Search Sharecare on Walgreens on Facebook


Walgreens has almost 2 million likes on Facebook. It wins the Facebook pharmacy popularity contest over CVS and Rite Aid. Walgreens posts an adorable picture of a mother and her baby. It receives 1,000 comments. It posts the question “Who likes using coupons?” The post gets more than 6,000 likes.

It gives its followers access to a huge drug, health and wellness database. And it hopes customers will search it.

Walgreens and Sharecare, a social Q&A platform, this week launched a Facebook application called Answers. The portal allows Sharecare’s features to be embedded right into Walgreens’ Facebook page so users can look up information on a range of health topics including prescription drugs, disease symptoms and at-home remedies.

“Our belief is that the idea of people just going one place for their health care information is over,” Co-president of Sharecare Dawn Whaley said. “The destination web site isn’t really how people are using the web these days, and you really need to go where the people are.”

The two companies have been partners since Sharecare’s launch in 2010, and in that time Walgreens has contributed content and answers to pharma-related questions on Whaley said the company’s other partners, which participate on the site the way Walgreens does, might also be interested in offering the app.

“In an ideal world, we’ll be able to work with those partners creatively as well to provide this great information through their web sites, through their Facebook pages, and through their social interaction with their consumers,” Whaley said.