100 Day Innovation Challenge: Fostering Collaboration Across Healthcare

One of the biggest impediments that keep Health IT startups from success is getting that first pilot opportunity or customer to field test a new product. Only by testing, learning, and adapting to the successes and failures of pilot opportunities, can startups truly make progress.

On the other end of the divide, many established health systems are slow to make changes, hampered by large bureaucratic processes that prevent them from fostering pilot opportunities for startups.

That’s why Health 2.0, Startup Health, and Blueprint Health, are very excited to announce the 100 Day Innovation Challenge, which will help facilitate innovation in healthcare by encouraging collaborations in the health sector and stimulating the digital health ecosystem.

Deadline to Submit: April 16, 2023

We’re asking established health system stakeholders such as payors and providers (also known as “Hosts”) to pair up with companies developing new and interesting technologies (also known as “Innovators”) for this innovative competition.

For example, we are looking for hospital organizations that might be able to start a pilot with a start-up to address a patient care problem.  Another idea might involve a health insurer working on an agreement with a new technology company to better engage customers. At the end of the day, we’re looking for real progress!

The best pilots, agreements and ventures started over these 100 days (including those kicked off at Social Media Week New York in February, 2012) will be showcased at Health 2.0′s Boston Matchpoint event, to be held on May 14 and 15, 2012.

A panel of digital health industry experts will review all submissions to identify the most promising concepts. Submissions will be evaluated based on a number of various criteria, including:

  • Novelty and innovation of the of the collaboration
  • Amount of economic and social impact of the collaboration
  • How the applicant addresses an explicit problem or health issue
  • Cost-Effectiveness, Affordability, Sustainability, & Scalability

If you’re an innovative company collaborating with an established health system stakeholder, make sure to enter for a change to showcase your work at one of the premiere health IT conferences!

  • http://www.samedaydr.com/ Rich Weisberger

    Samedaydr has an innovativr approach for lowering readmission rates. We are looking for an insurance company or hospital to pilot out platform. Email me at [email protected]

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