Happy Birthday, iPad! You’re (#)2

The iPad celebrated its second birthday yesterday, and a survey suggesting its growing presence in health care was icing on the cake.

A recent poll by IDC Health Insights asked more than 100 life sciences companies which hardware, software and IT services vendors they planned to their spend money on in 2012. With 30% of respondents indicating that they plan to purchase Apple hardware, Apple came in second in the category.

“The new results underscore the notion that the iPad is helping Apple become a dominant player in the life sciences,” a press release stated.

In 2009 Apple ranked fifth in the hardware category and has steadily climbed to its current spot over the last three years. Dell has come in at number one for the last five years.

A past survey from Manhattan Research showed that physician interest in iPads is also fast growing. Thirty percent of U.S. physicians owned an iPad just one year after its release, and an additional 28% said they planned to purchase the device within six months, the Taking the Pulse survey found.

Before the iPad’s launch in 2010, mobihealthnews.com published an interesting article with health care experts’ conflicting predictions about the device’s potential impact.

“The iPad is not a game changer. The device seems to suffer from the usual Apple problems that make using it in healthcare difficult, namely a non-replaceable battery and AppStore uncertainty,” Rob Havasy, a business analyst at Partners Healthcare’s Center for Connected Health, wrote then.

Read the rest of the predictions here.

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