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Health information technology venture capital funding in Q1 2012 amounted to$184 million, according to a report from consulting firm Mercom Capital Group. The sum came from 27 deals, the highest number made in one quarter since Mercom started tracking the data in Q1 2010.

Harvard University will launch a health record bank (HRB) that will allow anyone to own and manage a digital copy of their health records. The service is called MyDataCan. The Harvard Data Privacy Lab expects that MyDataCan apps will be built on the HRB.

Aza Raskin will succeed former Massive Health CEO Sutha Kamal, Raskin tweeted. Raskin and Kamal said the change is a result of the two having different visions for the company.

Telemonitoring failed to reduce hospital readmission rates in a sample of elderly patients, according a study published this week in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The study, which involved 205 elderly people, found no difference in the hospitalization rates between patients who did and didn’t receive telemonitoring.

Aurametrix, Inc. launched its health management system meant to help accelerate the process of identifying variables that influence personal health. Aurametrix targets people who have food allergies and sensitivities or who have metabolic disorders.

Provider of telemedicine technology for hospitals REACH Health, Inc. raised $4 million in Series B funding. The funding, led by led by Council Capital, BIP Opportunities Fund LP and C&B Capital, will support the company’s new multidisciplinary telemedicine platform, REACH Access.

Warm Health launched an app that connects to the company’s maternal health, diabetes and other clinical programs. Users can use the app’s chat feature to connect with a care manager. The app also includes a journal where users can log their mood, weight and other personal data.

Doximity, the online professional network for doctors, now has more than 50,000 users. Doximity is a one-year-old old company created by Jeff Tangney, co-founder of Epocrates.

Check out local coverage of Health 2.0′s Hokie Health Code-a-thon, which was held in Blacksburg, VA. “Fueled by pizza and caffeine, programmers, computer engineers and designers set out to offer solutions to the problems vexing the health care industry.” Read more.

UnitedHealthcare donated $700,000 to the California Telehealth Network, a state partnership. The money is to be used to expand telehealth training and to provide technical support for clinics in rural areas.

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