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CHCF Is Looking for Innovations
for Underserved Populations

Why is CHCF participating in Matchpoint?
A significant portion of the work of the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) is focused on reducing barriers to efficient, affordable health care for underserved populations. We are participating in Matchpoint because we believe that Health 2.0 companies - which combine entrepreneurial skill with cutting-edge technology – will be a major force in improving how health care is delivered in the U.S.

What may potential partners not know about CHCF that they should know?
We work with partners that are outside of California and outside of the “safety-net.”

As a California-based foundation it is important for us that the companies we invest in have either active clients or strong prospective partners in California, but we do not require that companies be based in California to apply to our fund.

Furthermore our mission drives us to find the best solutions to reduce cost, improve quality, and expand access – often times this means helping companies that do not currently serve the safety-net community expand their service or product to address the unique needs of underserved populations.

What suggestions do you have for startups looking for partnerships with CHCF?
We’re interested in companies that have a working prototype and one (or ideally more) active customers. We like to see provider and consumer excitement about the solution and an affordable price point.

What type of technology would complement/expand CHCF’s portfolio?
CHCF’s work focuses on the health care delivery system – hospitals, clinics, and payers. We are interested in technologies or technology-enabled services that dramatically improve efficiency and access. We’re looking for companies that can have significant impact in California, lowering cost of care by at least $25m annually, and/or providing new access to care for at least 100,000 people.

What are some of the ways CHCF has innovated over the past year and what role will Matchpoint play in your overall strategy?
Our most significant “innovation” is the creation of our Program Related Investment Fund. Though our Health Innovation Fund we are able to invest in for-profit companies that are committed to significantly lowering the total cost of health care or substantially improving access to care for Californians. Matchpoint allows us to meet companies that might be a fit for CHCF.

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