Kaiser’s Health Management App Now for iPhones

This isn’t the first time that health plan and health care provider Kaiser Permanente has gone mobile, but it’s KP’s first launch of an iPhone application that lets members view their medical information on their phones.

Kaiser launched its very first app, the KP Locator, back in July 2011 and followed up with its health management app for Android devices in early 2012. Now, with the iOS launch, both mobile management apps allow users to email their providers, order prescription refills and check appointments on their smartphones.

“Accessing health information and care from mobile devices is quickly becoming a new norm for care,” CEO of Kaiser Permanente George Halvorson said in a release.

In April, 15% of traffic to kp.org came from mobile users, including people on their Android phones and those accessing the mobile-optimized site. Since its release, the Android app has been downloaded more than 99,000 times.

On a Kaiser press conference call, Mom of two, Melissa Marote of Canoga Park, Calif.,  explained that she’s been using the Android app for her youngest daughter, Scarlett, since she was born. Scarlett had to go in for follow-up care after she got sick when she was five weeks old. At the same time, Marote also got sick.

“One thing that was really convenient while I was in the hospital was you could look at the after care summaries,” Marote said. “It was nice to look at all the information and not second-guess myself.”

Marote continues to use the app to keep in touch with Scarlett’s doctor. When she’s on the go, she shoots the doctor a quick email so that she doesn’t forget to communicate important information later.

“I think this has actually strengthened the relationship I have with folks,” said Colorado-based Kaiser Permanente pediatrician Mark Groshek. He said he can respond with a quick email to worried parents, giving them the reassurance they need.

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