Where Are They Now? Survey Results

Last year the Health 2.0 Fall Conference featured a panel called “Where Are They Now?” which looked at companies in this space that have both taken off and the ones that are dead and gone. At the spring conference last week, Health 2.0′s CEO Indu Subaiya and Co-Chairman Matthew Holt presented some “where are they now?” findings based on survey responses from companies that have demoed at past shows.

About 130 companies answered questions about their growth, who their customers are and their company size. These are two slides from the presentation. The above graphic not only shows the types of companies formed but also shows that there was a surge of new companies starting in 2005. Holt said the survey revealed that many of the companies that opened their doors in 2005 and after reported rapid growth.

Looking at the graphic below, Subaiya pointed out that even though many think of advertising as the driver of business for Web 2.0 applications, there are actually several business models that are all pretty significantly represented here.

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