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Medical and wellness web-based communication network Health Union, LLC., launched a mobile app for aiding individuals in managing their migraines and headaches. The app includes news updates related to migraines, tips, opinions, and an interactive journal for users to take advantage of with their smart phones.

Health benefit provider, WellPoint strategically selected to partner with FitOrbit, an online personal trainer, in order to take steps towards solution building for addressing health and wellness concerns such as obesity.

EveryMove is a company that offers rewards as incentive for individuals to improve their health — somewhat like frequent flier miles — and they just raised $2.6 million from various Blue Cross and Blue Shield partners, in addition to individual angel investors. Funding will be used towards the establishment of a team and launching new products.

Sermo is an online physicians community that added a news reel to their services by which members will receive curated medical news on a daily basis. The service is brought together by a collaboration with HealthDay, a Connecticut-based medical news distributor.

Simplee, a web based personal medical expense management website, is now offering their platform to all ACS|The HSA Solution members for end-to-end access including tracking payment of all medical bills, including pharmaceutical, dental, and vision. Users also receive messages providing information on billing errors, enrollment history, and relevant deductibles.

India researchers developed a fetal heart monitoring system that uses bluetooth and is said to be as accurate as wired monitoring.

Perminova, cardiovascular information management systems developer and LifeWatch, diagnostic testing facility, announced device integration for cardiac procedures for expansion of interoperability.

GE’s Healthymagination took on a new CEO, Sue Seigel, whose background lies predominantly in corporate and venture capital investment (MDV Partners) towards the expansion and funding of biomedical research.

Isabel Healthcare is a web-based diagnosis checklist program intended for physicians to improve their ability to quickly and accurately diagnose patients. The company just launched the app version of the service allowing physicians to use the downloaded service on their mobile devices.

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