Piddle for Pee Analysis

In news from across the pond, Health Hack Day took place in Stockholm, Sweden a few weeks ago, and the first place team developed a really simple and impressive prototype in the 24 hours. Marcin Ignac, Ian Jørgensen and Pau Ramon Revilla created Piddle, an at home urine analysis application. You can watch them demo it in the video above.

Jørgensen explains that at home urine tests are cheap, but analyzing the results isn’t easy for the lay person. Jørgensen’s team built a smartphone app that interprets a picture of a test strip via image analysis and tracks the results over time. Jørgensen himself is diabetic and said that he’d use an app like this to monitor his glucose levels.

Why the judges said it won: It’s a simple and attractive interface and a product that has the potential to reach a large audience quickly.

Click here to watch videos from the other winners. Health Hack Day managers said they want to make this a reoccurring event and are already planning for the next competition in London.