News & Updates

Simplee, a company that helps patients understand and manage their health care expenses, launched an automated error detection system for medical bills. The system scans explanation of benefit statements and color codes them to communicate error messages.

PureWellness, creator of online applications, debuted a new portal to help health care coaches manage their patients. Health plans use PureWellness as part of a strategy to keep members healthy and prevent illness.

GE teamed up with Facebook to launch a Facebook app called HealthyShare, which people can use to share their health goals and track their progress. The app is Olympic-themed and encourages people to mobilize during the summer games.

Health and wellness social network Sharecare acquired PKC Corporation. PKC, founded by Dr. Lawrence L. Weed, develops health care decision support software.

Shareable Ink, creator of a paper and pen electronic medical record, received $5 million in Series B Preferred financing from Lemhi Ventures. The EMR is cloud-based and converts handwritten text into structured data.

Aetna Resources for Living, a behavioral health platform, combined with Consult A Doctor. Employers offer Consult A Doc to employees so they can access telemedicine services 24/7.

Geisinger Health System and Merck said they will collaborate to create tools that improve patient medication adherence and to increase patients’ role in decision making.

Audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG LLP conducted a poll that found that 48% hospital or health system administrators said they are more than half way to completing full EHR system deployment, but they have doubts about their financial planning.

Eleven health systems combined de-identified electronic data to form the nation’s largest private sector diabetes registry in the nation. SUPREME-DM DataLink will be used to perform population-based diabetes research.